1. Describe the Functional neuro-anatomy underlying the visual field defects: homonymous hemianopia, bitemporal hemianopiaEdit

Homonymous HemianopiaEdit

Subtypes of Homonymous hemianopia include: 

  • Complete hemianopia
  • Incomplete hemianopia - where certain parts of the vision on the affected side are spared (e.g. the macula)


Homonymous hemianopia

The pathophysiology of macular sparing has been attributed to incomplete damage of the cortex, and/or to collateral blood supply.

Due to the upside-down, back-to-front nature of the image projected onto the retina, the affected side is contralatateral to the affected brain hemisphere.

Bitemporal hemianopiaEdit

Bitemporal hemianopia

The cause is often a space occupying lesion pressing on the optic chiasm

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